Hello World!!

This blog has been created as my personal guide and notes for the different activities I have needed during my website creation activity. I am really sorry if my explanations are not clear enough.  I have created the posts at the very beginning as my own tips and tricks but after looking inside the content I felt that maybe other people could be pleased to look at the tips and take benefit as I am doing every day from others blogs and forums in the web.


…so what could you find in there?:

The articles could be from basic Linux console commands to more complex Plesk server configuration passing through web creation using Joomla! or WordPress.  That means that you can find topics related to Linux installations, Plesk configuration, CSS3 & HTML5, and any other article related.

You also will find posts related to Arduino and Raspberry Pi platforms and hacks.  Personal projects that I created for my own enjoyment.


Comments are open but this is not a blog for solving problems. Have fun!